Study length and tuition

The Vilnius College of Design offers:

  • Permanent (formerly known as full-time studies). Continuous training is the primary form of teaching, held at the college on weekdays (Monday-Friday) from early morning until the time shown on the schedule (this may be until 5:30 pm). Study duration is 3 years.
  • Extended (formerly known as part-time studies). Studies in extended form are less intense and allow for part-time jobs or other student needs. Extended courses usually take place one weekend per month (Friday, Saturday and / or Sunday from morning until 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm) according to a predefined schedule, i.e., these students usually study on their own. They have to report to their teachers about the work they have done. Study duration is 4 years.

There are three study programs:

  • Interior Design –designing public and private interior spaces;
  • Fashion Design - analysis of the latest fashion trends and development of apparel collections;
  • Applied Photography – creation of visual concepts and their implementations.

Study is evaluated in credits. One credit is equivalent to 40 hours of study (classroom and distance learning) hours, which represents one week of study.

Semester consists of 16 weeks of classroom work and a 4-week examination session.

The total number of credits (national credits) per semester is 20. Average credits for one-year of study for permanent students are 40. Vilnius College of Design offers a study program of 120 credits (both permanent and extended in the form of study).

Successful graduates are awarded a higher education diploma and a professional Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

Semester fees: permanent form of study (previously known as a full-time studies) – 3200 Lt. Extended (formerly known as part-time studies) – 2300 Lt. The college mediates with the State Study Fund to obtain education loans from the bank.