VCD philosophy

The competent and creative academic community of VCD develops creative and independent personalities, and seeks to become a reference point for everyone who wishes to discover their own unique style and looks for developing new solutions and ideas.

Vilnius College of Design actions are supported by its mission, vision, goals and cherished values:

Mission – to provide a college education necessary for professionals of extensive artistic expertise, able to design marketable goods and services in the field of applied arts, based on artistic design activities.

Vision – Vilnius College of Design aims to create the environment that encourages individual improvement and creativity for the students to realize their creative and artistic abilities, seek further professional improvement and be able to solve relevant challenges in an expeditious and adaptive way. The college helps in developing education and the cultural community, enabling the continuity of studies and encouraging the development of applied art activities necessary for the region.


To guarantee the professional conveyance of basic and innovative knowledge, develop special professional abilities and form competences required for the student’s practical/creative activities.

To form the principles of a democratic global view and cross-cultural competences as well as the ability to apply in context of meeting the needs of education in modern society.

To shape and encourage the need for lifelong individual and professional improvement and to acquire a higher level of education.

Below are the cherished values of VCD, which are the basis for all college work, relationships between students, teachers and other members of the community.

A sense of community is promoted in the college which fosters VCD's philosophy and value.

Studying in VCD allows for the development of universal values.

Creativity is the basic element at VCD. It is essential for inspirational studies.

Lecturer and student relations are based on mutual trust, openness and tolerance. We encourage personal expression and open opinions; everybody’s opinion is respected.

All activities are based on quality and professionalism - that is the basis for higher education in the college.