Vilnius College of Design is recognized as a Lithuanian public institution of higher learning, providing tertiary education. The college offers programs which are accredited by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE). Students that have completed their studies are awarded a professional bachelor’s degree and they may continue full time studies or enter the work field.

2008-2009, the college proceeded on a self-analytic quality assurance system. The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE) made an evaluation of the quality of performance of the Vilnius College of Design on July 14, 2009 and the activities evaluation of the quality of performance in the college were approved (No. 4-1936). CAHE experts noted that VCD has created conditions for students to obtain a higher education and professional qualifications that meet the needs of the Lithuanian economy, education and advanced technology. It also created conditions for lifelong learning programs, organized professional development for individuals, and enhanced the development of education and culture. There is flexibility for ever increasing rapid technical advances.

Self-analysis and quality assurance showed that the vision of the college for the provisions, in principal, correspond to the realization de facto.